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If a service dog approaches you by itself, it's trying to get you to follow it. I didn't know that until today but now I do!

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@stephen Could you have a better text description next time?
It’s meant for people that can’t read the image so saying it’s a textual story is really far from it.

@lanodan I appreciate you wanting to help people writing better alt tags for people who use screen-readers, however I wasn't prepared to manually copy this story.

While we're talking about accessibility, did you know your website has really low contrast, which makes it really hard for visually impaired people to read? Check out this tool, and click the contrast tab to see where you could improve your site for visually impaired people.

@stephen not sure if its a British cultural thing but on encountering *any* non threatening doggo loose without a human nearby my instincts are to observe/follow it (normal pet dogs have alerted others to their humans being in some distress, or the animal could simply be lost/strayed).

Although most times I've encountered this the human is nearby and OK and the dog has slipped its lead (I nearly took a Cavalier King Charles spaniel back home on my bike once as I thought it was lost) 🐈

Go check out lumpatronics tumblr and all their service dog memes. I hope we all find ways to support disabled and chronic folks every day. I'm sorry, I have emotions. Love you all.