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I'm sorry, registration is closed for now. I am behind on my server maintenance. Until I am able to have this instance working correctly, I am going to keep registrations disabled.

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I am not sure how long I will keep this instance running. It may be two months, or it may be 10 years. I can't guarantee that your toots will persist for all time on these fine servers in the cloud. I can however promise that I will give 25 days notice of shutting down. That said, if you still feel like joining, then you are welcome to join.

  • Technology
  • Writing. NaNoWriMo welcome.
  • Generalistic - be yourself.
  • Self care, mh +
  • Queer voices, the trans experience (Content-warning for sensitive topics, please)
  • People of Color and other marginalized folk are greatly welcomed
No harassment or hate content of any kind. A more complete Code of Conduct is in development. Trolls may be immediately banned.

Read my post on how to create a Mastodon instance:

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